The What We Do and What We Don’t Do of Strisik Law

My practice is not based on one particular are of law or regulation, but rather by the type of clients I am fortunate to work for.  Some legal practitioners narrowly focus on one area of law for a wide variety of clients...I prefer to know inside-and-out those practice areas that are unique to health, medical, dental and other professionals.  Health care, privacy, business, staffing, trademarks, landlord/tenant, employment, collections and (most frequently) contracts are popular areas of my practice.

Perhaps you could define my practice as what I “do not” do.

By way of example, my clients are individual and small practice groups that are LLC-worthy or S-corp-worthy versus the bigger C-corporations.  You will not find me filing patents at the U.S.P.T.O., but I am well-versed in protecting my client’s intellectual property and will copyright and trademark their assets.  While I do not counsel on corporate tax returns, I most certainly help my clients determine their legal obligations under certain tax codes special to their business or practice.  My firm will not handle securities issues, but I do draft, negotiate and execute agreements for the purchase and sale of a business or practice.   Complex commercial litigation is not my cup of tea, but I will file collection and other dispute claims in court.  I draft employment agreements, but I don’t litigate labor disputes or employee class actions.

At the end of the day my clients have different visions, goals and limitations.  However, they all have the same legal and regulatory obligations.  Strisik Law was founded to ensure these obligations are met on a case by case basis.